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Time Management

How do you figure out how much time is in your day and how do you manage your time so you get all your work done and still have time for fun?

In our class, we all made schedules to see how much time we have in a week and how much time is devoted to certain things we need to get done. I found I had too much to do in my week, which left little time for fun and sleep. With my many classes and other extra curricular activities, I had only enough time to get my work done. Being able to see my whole week written down on paper helped me decide what activities were more important than others and what time would be sacrificed away from free time to studying or the other way around.  I also was able to see where I wasted time and took that time away to do other more productive things.  

All in all, taking the time to write down and see my whole schedule was really helpful to figuring out what needed to be done and what time needed to be taken out to do certain things.  I suggest it to everyone! 


Dec. 3rd, 2008 04:47 pm (UTC)
Ok, this is the one area that I still need a little help with. I have been told techniques on how to better manage my time before, and nothing really seems to stick! I am always finding myself stuck with a paper to finish the night before its due. I tried to make a schedule like the one we made in class, but kept finding unplanned events popping up and taking all my time! I will keep trying, but I am no good at this time management deal...any suggestions?
Dec. 7th, 2008 08:13 pm (UTC)
The best idea I can think of is to try to get a little bit done every day, and set a goal of when to finish the assignment by. I've tried doing that, and it sometimes works, but I still find myself doing homework last minute. For some reason, I work better under pressure!


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